Bill Defelice


I am a practicing master's degree level mental health and addiction counselor.  I am licensed by the state of Ohio to provide this service.  I am open to meeting with anyone for any type of issues.  I assure you that the reason you are in therapy will be approached by myself in the utmost non-judgmental manner as humanly possible.   I am also willing to use whatever type of therapy makes you progress the most positively during the process.  I tend to use cognitive behavioral therapy as my starting point with all clients, and then I determine if they are any other types of therapy that are needed.  If this is the case, I wilI introduce other types of therapy to the sessions as warranted.                 
 I am most skilled in the areas of addiction, depression, anxiety, anger management, behavior modification and a list of other areas as well.  I just want to make you, the client, feel as though you have had the best counseling experience that you can possibly have.  Please contact me soon, if you think I would be a good match for you.

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