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Jenean Stokes In Columbus, OH, & Surrounding Areas

We all must start somewhere. Simply reviewing this site is a step within itself. Healing starts with just that, a simple yet intentional step towards a better version of you. My job isn't to "fix" you but rather to provide a space where you can process and examine thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and patterns that aren't in alignment with your ultimate goals. In practice, I use a person-centered, strength-based approach rooted in narrative therapy. You're the author of your story, no one else. I'll gently maneuver at your speed as we explore both pleasant and unpleasant parts of your journey.

I also use trauma-informed cognitive therapy offering alternative ways of thinking. I'll pose thought-provoking questions and challenge your point of view in ways that are intended to evoke growth and alternate ways of thinking. I'll incorporate reframing techniques with the purpose of promoting awareness.

Here at Rainbow of Resilience, we provide space where you have the ability to freely express yourself utilizing technology. We hope you allow us to navigate with you on this journey. Moving intentionally to make counseling as accessible, affordable, and convenient as possible. You've already taken that first step; Let's take the next step together!

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