Mariella McNealy


I am Mariella McNealy, a dedicated and compassionate QBHS/Case Manager committed to fostering positive change in individuals and communities. Armed with a bachelor's degree in social work, I have honed my skills in addressing complex social issues and providing support to those in need. My passion for teaching self-sufficiency and advocacy is evident in my tireless efforts to empower marginalized populations and promote inclusivity.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated exceptional proficiency in CBT, crisis intervention, and community outreach/linkage. I have collaborated with various organizations and implemented programs inspired by my own art therapy journey, empowering individuals to learn art while paralleling CBT exercises to address the unique challenges faced by vulnerable populations. My expertise extends to areas such as homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse. My client-centered approach and ability to establish genuine connections with individuals under my care have contributed to numerous successes.

My commitment to continuous learning and professional development is reflected in my volunteering, ongoing educational training, seminars, leisure reading, and my current decision-making process regarding which university to pursue for my Master's in psychology, with a later specialization in trauma-informed care. As a QBHS/Case Manager, I exemplify the values of empathy, resilience, and dedication, making a lasting impact on the lives I touch and embodying the true spirit of social services.

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